New Data on Airport Wait Times!

LAX Airport Congestion Update! 

Top TWO heaviest cargo facilities regarding wait times at LAX.  You might also say that these Handling Companies are the most inefficient?  This data is based on 120 + on airport trucks with priority.

1- Virgin/China Eastern – WFS handling Co

2- United – Swissport handling Co

We urge freight forwarding companies to call your sales reps if you’re using these airlines to transport your air freight and push for change.  These wait times are outrageous, 10-20 trucks waiting in line from 2-5 hours at a time.

Please Help the Los Angeles Air Cargo Association to push for change! Send us your Airline/Handling Procedures so we can post them on our website for all the Industry to see!  Email:

New Airline Procedure for Pre-clearing Documents on Import for Pickup, and it’s working!

A trial has been started with select handlers/carriers and select trucking companies on Imports, and it’s working!  In short, trucking companies can have their Import documents cleared via email, the freight is then staged by the handler and the trucker is given a dock door and window for pickup.  Here is how it works:

  1. Trucking Co dispatcher scans and emails over all documents & awbs for that day’s pickup to the airline’s handling company’s select contacts.
  2. Airline handling company then checks the docs to make sure freight is available and cleared for pickup.
  3. Handling Co confirms freight is cleared, and requests a window from the trucker.  The truck dispatcher gives a window of when the freight will be picked up.
  4. Handling Co then assigns a dock door during that time to the trucker.  Handling Co finds location of freight, pulls it and stages freight for the trucker.

It’s as simple as that!!!

If you’re interested in learning more about this, please email for more details. GAFtruckatLufthansa

Peak Season in full effect!


Dear air cargo followers,

As you can see below in the chart, peak season is in full effect!  Thankfully these airlines & handlers are doing their best to get the cargo out and keep the waiting time down.  Volumes are up and we’re all challenged to find solutions for the lack of space at the Cargo Terminals.

We still have a lot of work to do, but those of you who are trying to run your terminal more efficiently… Thank you!


LAX Lufthansa Cargo SOP & Update!

Tom Griley and myself (Katie Griley) from the Air Cargo Focus Group as well as from the Los Angeles Air Cargo Association have been booking appointments with the cargo  airlines non stop since our last Focus Group Meeting.   We are going door to door and checking out each carrier’s operation with the airline terminal manager or the handling manager.  This has really helped us to see what these carriers and handling companies go through on a daily basis.

We made a visit to Lufthansa this week who has been implementing new procedures since we started our Air Cargo Focus Group to try and relieve some of the congestion at their location.

First and foremost, they hired about 20 new staff members for Import cargo breakdown and loading.  They then put in place a Dock Coordinator who’s job responsibility is to maintain the queue, or driver line.  He takes down each driver’s information as they pull up to the back of the line and checks them in, and he will send them away if they are not at the correct location.  Once the driver has checked in with the dock coordinator, they are sent to the front desk to process paperwork while their truck sits in line.  If the driver gets cut in line while in the office the dock coordinator will ensure that driver gets to keep his position in line.  This idea has huge benefits, and we are already seeing a decrease in congestion.

Lufthansa has also put an SOP in place for this Peak season, see below:



We, the Air Cargo Focus Group commend Lufthansa Cargo at LAX on your efforts to improve efficiency and support the air cargo industry.